$BUYBACK Emerald x sound.xyzan 8 drop Mashibeats series - music NFTs building community
what's the story behind these drops ?
welcome to our [$BUYBACK Emerald] series with Mashibeats - the web3 music-creator community founded by Mark de Clive-Lowe. We're taking this opportunity to invite you to collect music NFT collector, and also to be an active member of our community.

There's two goals in mind for [$BUYBACK Emerald].

GOAL 1: increase governance membership of Mashibeats

- every primary collector of any of these 8 NFT drops can claim an airdrop of $BUYBACK tokens, representing governance in Mashibeats

GOAL 2: building the community treasury which $BUYBACK holders have voting power over

- 70% of funds from this drop go directly to the Mashibeats treasury. Over the 8 drops we aim to raise around 5 ETH, to then have community join in making proposals for $BUYBACK holders to vote on.

Holders also curate and A&R by way of voting - our recently released remix contest winners vinyl and NFTs having been all decided by $BUYBACK members - curation by community ❤️

After collecting (thank you! and welcome!), head over to http://mashibeats.xyz/buyback and/or tap in on our discord. holder snapshots will happen every 1-2 months at which time $BUYBACK tokens will be airdropped to new holders.
what are the splits on these drops ?
70% to the Mashibeats community treasury funding future initiatives to be voted for by $BUYBACK holders
30% to the creating artist - Mark de Clive-Lowe
(10% secondary royalty)
what is the golden egg ?
once each edition supply is sold out, one collector of this drop will be rewarded the 'golden egg' - and receive a 1/1 mounted canvas of the NFT cover art! - DM us to claim if that's you
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