What is Mashibeats ?
Mashibeats is a DAO in-the-making, founded by musician/composer/curator Mark de Clive-Lowe. A creative community, established at the intersection of jazz, electronic music and all things adjacent. A digitally-based place where music and new tech can meet and grow community around that intersection with people who are here to help each other, learn and thrive! We host community conversations on twitter spaces and our discord, have mentorship programs for musicians coming into web3, production challenges for music makers, we curate for catalog, plus IRL events and more coming soon...  Join  the discord
Who is Mark de Clive-Lowe ?
Founder of Mashibeats, Mark de Clive-Lowe (@MdCL) is a lifelong musician. A Japanese-NZer based in Los Angeles, he's been a prolific artist at the intersection of jazz and electronica for over 20 years. Starting on piano at age 4, dabbling with drum machines in high school and debuting globally with his album Six Degrees (2000/Universal), he's largely considered one of the pioneers of jazz-hybridity - bringing jazz and improvisation into electronic and beat music. He's collaborated with a who's who of global music including DJ Spinna, Masters At Work, Sheila E, Omar, Kamasi Washington, Eric Harland, Restless Soul, Bugz in the Attic, Jean Grae, Yahzarah and countless more. 

Since early 2020 MdCL has been pioneering again, this time in the web3/crypto space with the first audio-visual album on the blockchain (Motherland), a paradigm shifting Ethereum crowdfund to $BUYBACK his back catalog albums from labels, and community building, curating and mentoring by way of our Mashibeats community. 

Learn more about MdCL here
MdCL on twitter
What is $BUYBACK ?
$BUYBACK is the governance token of Mashibeats. Where $MASHI coin is our main fuel for rewards, merch and premium access, $BUYBACK holders are the top level overseeing Mashibeats with voting power for community initiatives, treasury spending and get whitelisted for select drops. 

Founding $BUYBACK holders were defined by the $BUYBACK mirror campaign - every contributor received a reciprocal amount of $BUYBACK tokens and form our initial governance membership.

We are currently expanding $BUYBACK holders and governance membership with the $BUYBACK Emerald x sound.xyz campaign - a series of 8 music NFT drops where each one collected entitles the holder to $BUYBACK.  Check out the drops and learn more about $BUYBACK Emerald here. 

What is $MASHI ?
$MASHI Coin is designed to foster and grow the Mashibeats community founded around Mark de Clive-Lowe's work and creative vision. $MASHI v1 was created by Rally on the Rally blockchain, used for extra community access, exclusive merch, lessons or project consultancy sessions, and could also be earned by contributing to our community or winning production challenge competitions.

As of 11/3/22 we have sunset $MASHI v1 due to issues with Rally
Standby for $MASHI v2 news soon as it happens!
How can I be involved with the Mashibeats community ?
* we're most active and present on our Discord server:
Join here, click the green tick to verify you're human and you're in! We recommend connecting your Discord account to your Rally account too. 

* follow us on twitter @mashibeats - we host weekly twitter spaces community voice calls there too

* reach out to us in the discord with any ideas you want to propose or questions you might have!
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